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Kurl Power is a waste-free, natural solid shampoo, specially designed for women with curly hair. The brand was created also to empower women with different hairs, and to help them love theirselves and their curls.

This is the brand logo, icon and guidelines design. 

El Lobby TV is a new Twitch channel created to share news and information about the gaming world.

This is the brand logo and guidelines design I created for this channel. 

Vichy Laboratories created a new product called Minéral 89 Yeux, a fortifiying cream for your eyes. We where asked to create the look and feel for the new product and outdoor print ads. 

Opel launched a new electric car and asked us to create a new brand design and content for this new product. We created several social media post to promote it

BBVA wanted to change their brand to adapt it to the digital market. They asked us to develop and create their new digital presence, logo and guidelines. We created their website, app, and mailing, as well as digital content and landing pages to communicate everything using their new guidelines.

Fosters Hollywood, the oldest american styled restaurant in Spain wanted to enter the digital market without loosing their authenticity, so we helped them creating their app and social media content for this purpose, renovating its image without loosing its essence.

Creation of social media assets and content for Mutua Madrileña, an insurance company from Madrid, Spain.

Fundación el Agave y Nosotros (FAN), is a foundation based in Oaxaca, Mexico. It was created to help and promote local artists from the region.


This is the catalgue design and the presenttion video for several artists.


MAKAI is an eco-friendly toothbrush brand that selects bamboo stems that respect the environment and helps preventing more plastic contamination to our oceans. 

They wanted to create the brand logo and packaging. 

Patap, is a new restaurant in Madrid, Spain, that uses potatoes as a base to all their dishes. They wanted to create their brand logo and guidelines for the launch of the restaurant.